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The continuing adventures of the Girl Guide brouhaha


I’ve just been on the phone to the Telegraph who have said that the minister at the church where I volunteer , Reverend Brian Hunt, has suggested that churches should remove the use of the halls for free from the Guides, in a move that smacks of desperation and the church obviously trying to gain the upper hand through manipulation.

That’s not very Christian and charitable now, is it?

There’s nothing to stop churches still asking that the Guides attend parades on occasion, which is the current agreement. They can then make these parades engaging enough to perhaps convince these young women that Christianity is for them instead of dictating it like Reverend Brian Hunt wants.

This news has struck a chord with people on both sides of the debate. I’ve been in The Times, The Telegraph, The Daily Mail (who hate me, obviously, and who I won’t link to because they’re utter cunts), as well as appearing on BBC Radio York, BBC 5 Live and The Wright Stuff on channel 5, where ex-MP turned cheeky girl husband Lembit Opik called me an oppressor of Christians.

I almost cannot believe the blindness of these people, who seem to be completely unaware that the Girl Guides is not a Christian organisation, and who seem to think that by getting rid of God from the promise and replacing it with generic beliefs that they are being oppressed in some way. One opinion I have come up against is the idea that without God, there is no way for people to know how to behave. All atheists, with no holy book to guide them, are obviously selfish, nasty thieves and murderers who probably eat babies for breakfast.

Who knew that people thought like this in the UK? I was convinced that we lived in a sensible country, not like silly America with their fundamentalists and creationists. Nope, we’ve got them here too. It’s amazing that I managed to volunteer to help young women at all with my terrible atheist lack of principles.

I believe the correct term for the minister at St. Paul’s  is ‘cutting one’s nose off to spite one’s face’. Perhaps people might not be leaving the Christian faith in droves if the church was capable of having rational discussion around God and spirituality and not just threatening those who disagree with them with expulsion from the premises.

By all means, throw out the Guides if you think that’s the only solution, but don’t be surprised when you suddenly have much less people sitting on your benches than that would account for as you prove yourselves to be selfish, immoral arseholes.

Much like you think atheists are. It’s nice that we’ve got something in common.


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