The response from the Blues Bar has been disappointing. In their place, I would have apologised and tried to move on, but they’ve gone down a more colourful route. I’m going to go over each point they’ve made.

The landlord had a moral responsibility to his customers – yes he did. Namely, me. I’m his customer of 12 years and a new vulnerable mother. His responsibility was to uphold the law.

There were 25 complaints – Well, either this number was made up on the spot or 25 people in the Blues Bar were horribly offended by my breastfeeding, leading me to the conclusion that there are 25 people in there that I wouldn’t speak to if I knew who they were because they’re creeps.

That I was ‘putting on a show’ – I was breastfeeding. I showed my breast to my baby who latched on and ate. No jazz hands involved. I have a large bruise on one breast from having had mastitis and an abscess for six weeks plus stretchmarks. I’m not trying to put on a show with them. The insinuation is creepy.

I’m doing all this for attention – I haven’t spoken to the press, despite many calls. I’m staying in and enjoying time with my baby.

I’m on a crusade against authority – the law is the authority in this situation. It’s the Colgans that appear to be on a crusade against it. I’m just standing up to them and for my right to breastfeed my child.

I should feed discretely – I’m not feeding in an indecent way, because I couldn’t, unless I was feeding with both boobs out.  I wasn’t, I just fed without using a cover, with my breast popped out of my top and a baby attached. If he came off, he was still obstructing anyone’s view.

In addition, there’s a large figure of a mermaid by the stage in the Blues in everyone’s view. She has no top on.

That I took my story to the Daily Mail – I’d rather cut out my voice box.